In order for a company to achieve its goals and to embrace highs and lows, they must be agile and creative. Throughout whole departments and within sub-teams, emotional agility & reflective creativity is integeral, this starts with each individual.

I focus on people, people who make up the teams, teams that make up the departments and departments that make up the company.

People are the heart and soul of the organization. 

Times are tough! We face all kinds of crises, instabilities, insecurities. The more difficult life becomes, the more people feel under pressure, have existential questions and need support.

What to do when you feel overwhelmed, faced with an unfamiliar challenge or stuck? What to do when you experience a lack of confidence, connection, creativity, or even interest, motivation and trust?

What are the consequences for people and their environment when they experience stress, anxiety and don't know what to do to change the dynamic? The cost is too high for everyone, we all deserve to learn how to turn contraction into expansion while feeling good, no matter the context around.

I created the FEEL GOOD coaching program for businesses to empower people by focusing on the power of their mind and their actions.

I support a collective for a period of 3 months. I focus on individuals first, then teams. Every 48 hours, everyone can benefit from a FEEL GOOD coaching session. Thanks to my unique coaching method:

A _ They acquire the know-how to highlight discomfort and welcome complex situations, which both impact their vital energy, mental state, interactions and hinder their objectives. 

B _ They build their own FEEL GOOD toolkit: 

- to understand their needs and emotions, free their mind from restrictive thoughts and ambivalent feelings,

- to simplify complexity and overcome challenges, with a fresh mindset oriented toward creative solutions and harmony with themselves and the others,

- to recharge and learn from a busy schedule, as much as needed.

C _ They develop and boost their ressources, level-up their competencies, reach and explore their zone of genius.

Aim for it

Believe in it

Crush it

By developing their emotional agility, nourishing their reflective creativity and practicing both on a daily basis, with me by their side to guide them, people become their own champion! 

They gain to set and reset their energies, thoughts and visions. They empower decisive actions that make the difference. 

From the first days, people manifest significant and valuable changes for themselves, their teams and the company.

I created this program to empower people who want to flourish at work while building effective teams, creating innovative and inspiring processes and products, writing successful and authentic stories.

With me people reach their essence.

They feel seen, understood, empowered.

They expand.

I have the particularity and the ability to feel the vibrations of people, places and objects. The way a person shares their own story, allows me to understand the roots of their inner conflicts and to read how they confine themselves and why. I know how to read them and have access to their impregnations, potential, source of abundance and fullness.

I am Audrey, coach, facilitator and catalyst for change.


I had the privilege of being part of 'The Feel Good Program' a transformative initiative that aimed to invest in people in a generational relevant way, empowering individuals with tools to navigate thoughts and emotions both in personal and professional spheres.

As an equal participant in the team, I played a role in providing the budget and outlining the project's reasoning, but the true ownership rested with the entire group. Our journey began with two months of individual work, supported by 30-minute sessions with our remarkable coach, Audrey Bozzetto, every 48 hours. The uniqueness of Audrey's approach and the regularity of coaching sessions created a collaborative atmosphere that fueled our progress.

In the culminating month of 'The Feel Good Program’, an undeniable sense of unity enveloped the team. As the project neared its conclusion, the team fused their individual strengths, pooling resources to fulfill daily wants and needs. The shared commitment to each other's well-being became the daily focus, fostering an environment where connections could be explored. This period served as a training ground for imbedding the values and principles essential to sustaining 'The Feel Good Program’ spirit, long after Audrey did farewell. The mutual support established during this final stretch aimed to ensure the project's ethos continued to thrive even in the absence of its guiding figure.

One of our main challenges was managing the overwhelming interest from other teams within the organization. The project gained significant traction, leading many to express a desire to join, emphasizing the impact it had on our workplace culture. Audrey's guidance fostered a positive daily culture shift, prompting team members to view each other as individuals and extending support in both personal and professional aspects. The team walked taller, and the newfound confidence translated into proactive engagement in unexpected areas.

The frequency of coaching sessions, combined with the immediate and tangible benefits, created a dynamic where team members felt empowered to implement newfound skills daily. 'The Feel Good Program' was a breath of fresh air, bringing a much-needed focus on connection, credibility, and boldness—values that resonated with our demographic and set us apart from traditional corporate coaching approaches.

The project provided an alternative common goal, fostering a shared sense of learning and growth. It underscored the brand's commitment to investing in us as individuals, not just employees, creating a sense of unity and purpose.

In summary, 'The Feel Good Program' was a groundbreaking investment in people, offering meaningful and generationally relevant tools. By putting people at the center of conversations, it not only transformed our daily lives but also had a direct and positive impact on our professional endeavors. It was a testament to the power of authentic connection and personal development within a team setting.

David McKenzie
Director Design Sportstyle Footwear


These 3 months were a big growth for me, as individual and as a professional.

Having the time to dig into topic that we tend to “hide under the carpet”, and that at the same time are consuming us slowly each day, gave me a different perspective on work/life as a whole.

This was so right on so many levels that it comes also difficult to know how to start to describe my experience with you, I can only sum it up as a spiral that was pointing upwards, improving each and every day the way I felt.

I do wonder why any brand are not having offering like this for their teams. I see so much benefit and greatness in sharing and being aware, that is really a game changer.

Building up confidence, being respectful of others, is somehow something that does not get valued as it should, in this world. I truly thank you for what you did for me.

Beniamino Valentini
Lead 3D Designer Sportstyle Footwear

I am a certified professional coach, graduated Master Coach from the International Coaching Institute ICI _ ICF accredited coaching education and Qualiopi certified.

I am writing my own coaching method which will be published in 2024. This wonderful project that inspires me so much, comes to life thanks to all the people I have the joy of supporting on a daily basis and over time.

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