Times are tough! We face all kind of crises, instabilities, insecurities. The more difficult life becomes, the more people feel under pressure and have existential questions.

What to do when you feel overwhelmed, over challenged and stuck? What to do when you experience a lack of confidence, connection, creativity, or even interest, motivation and trust?

I created the FEEL GOOD coaching project for businesses to empower their people by focusing on the power of the mind.

On a daily basis, I support teams for a period of 3 months and I give everyone the opportunity to benefit from a FEEL GOOD coaching session every 48 hours.

Thanks to my unique coaching method, from the first days, they manifest significant and valuable changes for themselves, their team and the company.

1_ They acquire the know-how to highlight discomfort and welcome complex situations, which both impact their well-being and hinder their objectives.

2_ They create their own FEEL GOOD toolkit: 

- to free their mind from restrictive thoughts and ambivalent feelings,

- to overcome challenges, with a fresh mindset oriented toward creative solutions and harmony with themselves and the others,

- to reset, recharge and learn from busy schedule, as much as needed.

3_ They develop and boost their emotional agility in addition to their talents and skills.

I created this powerful empowerment training, for people who want to FEEL GOOD while level-up their competencies, building an effective team, creating inspirational and successful products and stories.

I am currently collaborating with PUMA SE and the results are incredible! 

I will be offering this coaching to other companies soon. To discover more about it, contact me via LinkedIn.

I am a certified professional coach, graduated Master Coach from the International Coaching Institute _ Switzerland ./ ICF accredited training program.

I am writing my own coaching method which will be published in 2024. This wonderful project that inspires me so much, comes to life thanks to all the people I have the joy of supporting on a daily basis and over time.

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